World of Warcraft: Guide for PvP as Blood Death Knight

Playing as a Blood Dk in PvP may seem easy, because it is. All you have to do is sit there and pound on the enemy and heal yourself up. Blood Death Knights have very useful Cooldown moves that make it even easier to survive in arenas. When I first hit 90 on my Death knight, I knew I was going to be doing arenas, so I knew I'd want to be Blood Spec right away since my gear Blood PvPsucked..  It was a great choice, even with terrible non-PvP gear on I was able to survive long enough for my partner to kill at least one enemy, if it were a 1v1 at the end, I was able to out survive the other person 9/10 times.

Here are the Stat Priorities you will be wanting to follow for the best results as a Blood DK in PvP:

Melee Hit (3%) > Expertise (3%+) > Strength > Mastery > Crit > Haste

PvP Resilience and PvP Power
Patch 5.3 introduced major changes to PvP Resilience and PvP Power to reduce their effectiveness. In general, traditional secondary stats like Crit, Haste, and Mastery are now much more effective in PvP. Our stat priorities are based on the best available information, but we expect our recommendations to change as the PvP season progresses.

Melee Hit (3%)
The Hit cap of 3% (1020 Rating) will eliminate the chance for any special ability to miss against other players.

Expertise (3%+)
The Expertise soft cap of 3% (1020 Rating) will eliminate the chance for your attacks to be dodged or parried by caster specs/classes.

Increases your Attack Power and the damage dealt by all of your abilities.

Mastery: Blood Shield adds an absorption shield with every Death Strike.

Increases the chance for your attacks to critically hit for additional damage.

Increases the rate of Rune regeneration and your attack speed.

Following these stat priorities may make it even easier for you to survive in arenas!

As far as Enchants and Gems go you will want to have strength gems for the most part, and also mastery gems. For chest enchant, you want either Stats or Resilience, Cloak Enchant you want crit, and for your weapon you want to runeforge it with Rune of Swordbreaking, to reduce your disarmed.

For more information about PvPing as a Blood DK, feel free to message me in game!

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World of Warcraft: Leveling Guide for a Priest

As a Priest, you have a couple of options for leveling.  You can go either be Damage or a Healer, depending on what specialization you want to be when you get to 90 may determine the way you level. If you wish to be Shadow then you will be doing more questing to level up, and if you go Keintha, Disc/Shadow PriestHoly or Discipline you'll do more dungeons. Either way Priests pretty easy to level up.


Discipline/Holy Leveling:

Leveling as Discipline or Holy, you will be spending majority of your time running dungeons. Yes, I know this sounds boring, but trust me. Running multiple dungeons in a row, especially with friends, will make the levels go by fast. My priest was able to get 2 levels in some dungeons around level 20, and towards 80-90 range I was easily getting around half a level from dungeons with the quests at the end. Yes, you can't do the quests over and over, but those quests still speed up the leveling dramatically. Also, if you do get bored of dungeons you can do quests as a Healer, it'll be harder to kill things but you can easily stay alive!

Shadow Leveling:

Leveling as a Shadow priest you'll be doing more questing than dungeons. While questing you can queue up for dungeons as damage and just quest away while waiting, which will also help out leveling faster also. If you do dungeons solo, be warned you may have a terrible tank or healer and it may actually slow you down from leveling. So I would advise if you want to do dungeons make sure you have a tank friend or go in as a healer.

Once you're level 30 you can have Dual-Talents and have either Disc or Holy as a secondary spec. If you want to level as shadow and also do dungeons this is great because you can easily switch specs, then enter the dungeon and heal away!

The easiest way for me to level my Priest to 90 was to just run a bunch of random dungeons whenever my friends were on, then when no one was on or didn't want to run dungeons I would do quests by myself as Shadow.

Have any questions feel free to contact me in game:Realm: Thunderlord
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Names: Enragedbull(Druid), Thoreiel(DK), Keintha(priest)
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World of Warcraft: Leveling guide for Death Knight

The way I chose to level up my death knight, was to go Blood spec and run dungeons. Yes, it gets boring when you keep getting the same dungeon over and over. Which is when you go quest again, and being a Blood Dk you can pull a bunch of mobs and survive during the quest. You might lose out on faster killing, but if you're just killing everything for the quest requirement in 1 pull then who cares how long it takes to kill My Death Knight, Thoreielthem, it's better than running around killing minimal mobs in another spec.

If you're lucky enough to have a friend leveling with you, especially if they're a healer, then you can easily do dungeons all day and not have to worry about questing. The hardest part for leveling is staying focus in my opinion, I always find myself getting distracted on different characters. So with enough focus you can easily level up to 90 in no time, especially as a blood dk or any tanking class for that matter. Just queue up for random dungeons, if you have multiple friends/guildies you can run dungeons with them and just do speed clears, and rack up massive experience in no time at all.

If you choose to level up as frost or unholy, I'd advise you to queue for dungeons and quest while waiting for the queue to pop. The queue times are long for dps, and it'd be pointless to sit there and do nothing while waiting for a 30 minute queue. You could easily  get multiple quests done by the time a dungeon queue pops, and once you're out of the dungeon you can queue up again and continue questing while waiting for the next queue!

With any questions feel free to contact me ig.
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