Angry Birds Star Wars getting console release

Activision is to publish Angry Birds Star Wars on a host of new platforms later this year. The game will arrive on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, Wii, Vita and 3DS on October 29 in the US and November 1 globally. It promises to offer new competitive and cooperative multiplayer modes, 20 exclusive levels, plus achievements, trophies and leaderboards.

Angry Birds Star Wars originally launched on iOS devices in November 2012. And earlier this week, creator Rovio announced Angry Birds Star Wars 2 for iPhone and iPad. Based on the Star Wars prequel trilogy, the sequel will launch on September 19 alongside Skylanders-like toys, allowing users to scan over 30 characters directly into the game using a new line of collectable Telepods figures from Hasbro.

Bundling Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio, the Angry Birds Trilogy is also coming to Wii U this August. The compilation released on Xbox 360, PS3 and 3DS last year and quickly became a million-selling title. The Angry Birds series hit one billion downloads across all platforms in May 2012.

NCAA will not license future EA Sports college football games

NCAA Football 14 could be the last game from EA Sports to bear the collegiate sports organization's name. The NCAA published a press release today which stated that "the current business climate and costs of litigation" led it to withdraw from the arrangement, which has stood since NCAA Football 98.

Said litigation seems to refer to the case raised by former UCLA basketball player Ed O'Bannon, who is suing the NCAA over his image appearing in its licensed materials materials, including EA Sports' college basketball series, without compensation.

O'Bannon seeks to turn the case into a class action suit which could challenge the NCAA's long standing stance against paying current and former college players through salaries or promotional compensation. The NCAA argues that payment beyond scholarships and experience would spoil the culture of student athleticism.

Though EA's next college football game will not bear the NCAA's name or logo, colleges license their athletic programs separately--so the same teams and (nameless) athletes should appear next year.

We've asked EA about how this change will impact its franchises and will update this article with any response.

Source:NCAA will not license future EA Sports college football games

Maxis lead developers leave to form indie studio

Three lead developers from Maxis are striking out to form a new studio. Former creative director Ocean Quigley, former lead architect Andrew Willmott, and former lead gameplay engineer Dan Moskowitz announced on Twitter that they will pursue their love of simulation games at Jellygrade.

Their first idea is an early Earth simulator for iPad: players manipulate the magma, water, and rock with multitouch. The elements coalesce, seas form, and life begins--an appropriate place to start for the independent studio.

Quigley told Polygon that he worked at Maxis for nearly 18 years. When the latest SimCity (he worked on three) launched to jeers instead of accolades, largely for writing always-online checks its servers couldn't cash, the timetable may have moved up slightly.

"I was dismayed at the blundered launch of something that I had poured so much love and attention into, which made the leaving easier but it would have probably happened anyway," Quigley said.

Source:Maxis lead developers leave to form indie studio

Game Music Connect conference brings AAA composers together

The composers behind some of this generation's biggest games will gather on Sept. 9 in London. Us unrepentant soundtrack fiends at GamesRadar are partnering with Game Art Connect for Game Music Connect, a one-day conference of panels, roundtables, and rubbing elbows with the minds behind the music of Assassin's Creed, Destiny, Tomb Raider, and more.

The event is open to composers and fans alike, as long as you're interested in "celebrating and exploring the craft of video game music." Composers such as Jesper Kyd, Martin O'Donnell, and Jason Graves will speak about their entrance to the industry, demonstrate new forms of interactive music, and even preview some original scores from next-gen titles.

Early bird tickets are £99, and--even if you can't make it--you bet your bippy we'll be there with more coverage at and before the event.

Source:Game Music Connect conference brings AAA composers together