Call of Duty Black Ops Review

Call of Duty Black ops is close to the top of my list for best first-person shooters. It offers many diverse games to play ranging from campaign to zombies, multiplayer also gives you the chance to play wager matches. The wager matches you can participate in include: One in the Chamber, Gun Game, Stick and Stones, Sharpshooter. In One in the Chamber you use the M1911 pistol and it is an insta-kill with one bullet in it, if you kill somebody either with a knife or by shooting them you get another bullet, you have 3 lives, the object is to get as many points as you can get.

The winner is the person with the most points, either from kills or survivor bonuses. Another game mode is Gun Game, you start off with a Python and after each kill you switch to a more powerful weapon, the final weapon being the ballistic knives, first one to get a kill with every weapon wins. The next game mode is Stick and Stones, where the point of this game is to either use A) crossbow B) ballistic knives or C) tomahawk to rack up as many kills as you can get before the 5 minutes is up.

Be sure to try and avoid people running around using tomahawks as they will bankrupt you taking away all of your points. The last wager match is called sharpshooter, where every 45 seconds everyone switches to the same gun. Whoever racks up the most points at the end wins, after your first kill you get the sleight of hand pro perk, two kills in a row gets you the lightweight pro perk, then after your third kill you get steady aim pro perk, every kill you get after four in a row you get double points.

Call of Duty Black ops' multiplayer offers a new game style, called Combat Training, which in it you can play against bots to practice, get prepared for online, or even just to mess around with. It also offers a theater, where you can watch previous matches you have played and make videos to share with everyone, or to brag about the amazing shot or tomahawk shots you make while playing online. On Call of Duty Black Ops you can customize your weapon to have different camouflages and set up the sights to different things such as: a peace sign, a smiley face, or even just different shapes.

All around I believe that Call of Duty Black Ops is an extremely great game, I recommend to get it if you are into great first person shooters and/or like killing zombies